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Equipment Pick-Up Instructions

Picking up demo equipment at a trade show or conference

Thank you for considering a purchase of Balanced Body® equipment at an upcoming trade show or conference.

The equipment we display, demonstrate and offer for sale at these events is always the latest and greatest. It's priced to be a great value for you, and its purchase also saves us the expense of transporting equipment back to our warehouse.

Location and pickup times vary with each event. For information regarding the specific event you will be attending, see the equipment list for that event, posted on this web site, or call us at 1-800-745-2837.

Arranging for pickup

Equipment must be paid for prior to pickup.

Check in at the Balanced Body® desk or with our Conference Equipment Coordinator, to finalize paperwork and confirm pickup time and location.

Pick up your equipment at the end of the final day of the event. Equipment is often available for pickup before the end of the conference; please ask about this if you are interested in an early pickup.

We will assist with loading the equipment into your vehicle. Don't forget to arrange for unloading assistance at the delivery address!

Please contact Balanced Body customer service at 1-800-745-2837 (1-800-PILATES) if you have any questions.

What size vehicle will you need?

Arrange for the largest vehicle you can find. Equipment is usually larger than you expect, and you may also decide to buy additional items while at the event.

For capital equipment (Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair, etc.), we recommend a rental delivery van or small truck for ease of loading and unloading. Multiple pieces of equipment require this type of vehicle. Enterprise and Budget offer good rates for daily rental.

A single Reformer (14" Studio or Allegro) can fit into a full-size SUV or minivan. You'll need a flat space on the passenger side (seats folded down or removed), from the dashboard to rear of the vehicle.

Combo Chairs and other equipment will not fit through the doors of full-size sedans or smaller cars.

Please bring your own packing materials (strapping, rope and padding/blankets) to safely secure and transport your new equipment. Balanced Body does not provide packing materials.