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Adam Kanter

Hollywood, FL

I’ve seen a tremendous change in how my body moves since I started Pilates. I’m 6' 4" and have never been really athletically inclined. But now I’ve seen a major increase in the coordination of my body – Pilates has improved my posture and basically changed my muscle structure.

In college I took up serious weightlifting and really “bulked up.” But I was never really happy with the muscles that weightlifting gave me or the way that I looked – it just didn’t seem to fit my physique. However, within the first year of Pilates I started to notice a real change in my musculature - I could see the transformation from short tight muscles to the more toned, longer muscles that you get with Pilates. It is also perfect for me in because there’s a real focus on form within the exercise and since I began weightlifting I’ve become a fanatic for form. In fact, I think it is the detail to form that really teaches your body how to move correctly and become more coordinated and balanced.

In addition, although weight loss is not the main benefit of Pilates, it sure has helped me. When I started Pilates I weighed in at 240 pounds. In the first few weeks I immediately lost 10-15 pounds. Then I added in a spinning class. Now I’m 210 and have lost 5 inches off my waist!

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When people ask me why I do Pilates I tell them that it’s a great way to build toned muscles with little to no impact on your body. You can even get some cardio exercise with no joint impact. In addition, I’ve never had a dull class. There are so many exercise and so much variations – its just always fun.

Adam Kanter does Pilates at Mind Body Connection in Cooper City, FL

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