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Amy Dobbs

Chantilly, VA

In 1987 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It started to greatly impact my balance and mobility in 2001. I had problems staying upright and that obviously affected my everyday life - simple tasks now became difficult. A few years later I started at a new gym and decided to take a Pilates session at the studio run by Linda Phillips. That’s where my life changed.

I have one side of my body that is significantly weaker then the other. There have been several occasions where I fall to that side. But ever since I started doing Pilates I am able to right my self quicker and easier then before. I can actually feel the muscles working and I know that’s what keeping me upright. It’s remarkable.

I really love the exercise because the movements are easy yet they make a huge difference. At first it seems simple and then over time you realize you’ve changed the way you move.

I also love how the exercises can be modified to meet my fitness level as well as to work out different parts of my body. Before I knew it I’d gained the functional ability to do things that were difficult to do when I started. The exercise has made a real difference in how I move. It has even improved my posture.

The Pilates principle of breathing has also had an impact. I sing in a church choir and I have noticed a difference in my breathing and the way I sing. I sing the praises of Pilates! I am convinced that Pilates is a big reason that I am still walking and not in a wheelchair.

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Amy Dobbs takes Pilates at Full Circle Pilates in Chantilly,Virginia.

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