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Eileen Koscho

Houston, Texas

As a patron of the Houston Ballet I was interested in how the dancers kept in such great shape. “How could I get a body like that,” I wondered? I learned that it was Pilates.

Unfortunately, for decades the ballet was the only place in Houston with authentic Pilates equipment and certified instructors. Then a studio opened across town. However, most of it was private sessions, which were not in my budget. I was thrilled to discover Pilates of Champions. Located only 15 minutes from home, they offered small group classes with a master instructor, Elizabeth Redfern-Gilmour.

Pilates has since been a life-changing experience for me!

Wellness has always been a priority in my life. As a teenager I had an interest in fitness, nutrition, prevention and alternative health. Since then I have studied and explored hundreds of wellness programs. My exercise program has included running, yoga, weightlifting, Judo, and numerous exercise videos. I've always had a gym membership.

After trying hundreds of types of equipment, the results were always the same. My short, dense muscles became shorter and bulkier, and my joints would ache. It simply wasn't working. I wanted to elongate, stretch and strengthen. Pilates does this and so much more. It’s exactly what my body needed.

Now, at age 57 and after a year of Pilates, I feel healthier, stronger, more toned and balanced than ever! The first thing I noticed after beginning Pilates was an immediate improvement in my posture. My body was supporting itself! When I started Pilates, I was recovering from a neck injury and was seeing a chiropractor. After working with Elizabeth my neck and shoulder pain are gone, and so are my doctor visits!

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With Pilates I feel taller, more balanced with more core strength than ever. People notice my posture and all of this comes naturally now, without feeling like I have to hold my stomach in or my shoulders back. My jeans are a size smaller. And my husband noticed. He commented on my “nice round butt.” At times I even feel graceful…something I never would have said before Pilates.

The bottom line is Pilates isn’t just for dancers - it’s for everyone. And it works! You get results without straining your joints or bulking your muscles. If you want a toned body without the “wear and tear” of traditional weightlifting or resistance training, Pilates is the way.

Eileen does Pilates at Pilates of Champions in Houston Texas.

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