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Jennifer McCart

Boston, MA

Many people turn to Pilates to help them heal from a particular injury. I turned to it to take my fitness regimen to another level.

I’m a former professional dancer and was with several Ballet companies for over 20 years. I was also a dance choreographer and a former aerobics instructor. As such, I’ve always tried to stay fit even after my dance career was finished. But I didn’t want to bulk up using weight training and I was just plain bored with aerobics. On top of all that I kind of hit a “slump” with my exercise routine as my current job as an accounting manager was taking up most of my free time.

I needed a boost so I tried something different - Pilates. I had seen it at my gym and the nature of the exercises piqued my interest. I started with mat classes and it turned out be a great decision as Pilates proved to be the perfect way to keep my body toned and strong without bulking up.

As I got more into the exercise I joined Boston Body, a studio in Belmont, and have been taking both mat and Reformer classes. The experience has been great. One of the things I like about Pilates is its versatility - you can make every exercise harder or easier depending on your fitness level. This has really been emphasized by my instructors at Boston Body. They know that because of my background I’m more flexible then most and modify the exercises for me so that I can really feel the muscles stretch. That attention has been fantastic.

With Pilates I’m more concise in my movement. It’s a completely different way of using your muscles than I was used to in ballet. I feel better, and I feel I’m walking taller. It has taught me how to move with my muscles - not against them. That’s been wonderful. I’ve been going at least 4-5 times a week, and look forward to every class.

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Jennifer McCart does Pilates at Boston Body Pilates in Belmont, MA

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