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Jodi Golden

Baton Rouge, LA

For months, had been experiencing terrible neck pain. My doctor told me I had a straightening of the cervical spine (also known as kyphosis). I was in so much discomfort. At that time I was carrying around my baby and my other young child - it was close to unbearable.

Even worse, I was told by the medical experts I saw that I would just have to live with it. There were no exercises or braces that could help. My only option was drugs and I didn’t want to that. I was a young mom driving kids around and pain killers were out of the question.

One day I was at the gym working on losing the “baby weight” from my last pregnancy and I decided to look into trying either a Pilates or yoga class. I had bad knees so yoga seemed like it wouldn’t be a fit, but I heard Pilates was easier on the joints. So I tried a mat class. It was exhausting because of my neck and the fact that I didn’t have much core at the time. But even though it was hard it completely loosened my neck and I noticed that the pain had ebbed.

I was hooked.

As a precaution, however, I decided to take a Reformer class instead of mat as it can make movements harder or easier based on your fitness level. While the mat class seemed to stop the neck pain, the Reformer helped me keep it from coming back. It has since completely disappeared.

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I hate exercising - but with the Reformer I have never missed a class. It is part of my life like eating or sleeping. I even did Pilates right up until three days before my last child was born. And I started up again right after she was born. In just four months I had lost all my baby weight, which had never happened to me before.

A lot of my friends have various ailments and I always tell them to try Pilates. At first they are skeptical - then they try it and they are blown away. I can’t tell you how many times I hear in a class “my back feels so much better” or “my knee doesn’t hurt any more.” It’s amazing.

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