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Nettie Becker

New York, NY

Me? I’ve always been attracted to movement. And it seems that ever since I was a kid I’ve been constantly moving. I used to participate in modern dance and have since become a dance movement therapist. I think it is essential that we keep our bodies in movement. It’s what keeps us healthy.

But sometimes as we age moving becomes harder. For me it was a chronic back ailment and treatment and surgery for breast cancer. That’s where Pilates comes in. I’ve been doing Pilates for over 20 years with my instructor, Leslie Powell, and she is amazing. She knows me and she knows my body, and she knows what I can and cannot do. I continued to do Pilates through both treatment procedures and I feel better than ever. My back does not hurt - although I do have to be careful - and I am as active as ever. As we age we tend to rely on surgery and that can be a lot for an older body to handle. There are other alternatives - Pilates is a great one.

We’re all connected our bodies. Too often they way we learn to move disconnects us from our bodies. Pilates helps you stay connected. With a strong core you will be able to move in a way that supports your body - not works against it. I willing to bet if you have a sore knee and do Pilates that knee won’t be hurting after a while.

I think we’ve now become a society of people who sit - and that includes young people. When I tell people I do Pilates they say “WOW”. They should be saying “Me too” because everybody should be doing it. The principles just make that much sense. And those principles should be installed in us at a young age.

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Nettie Becker does Pilates at Movements Afoot Pilates Studio in New York, NY

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