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Sharon Thorsland

Charlotte, NC

I’ve been doing Pilates regularly since 2002 . When I first started I was astounded at how I was able to identify weaknesses in my body. I had taken an abs and back class for years and I thought I was in pretty good shape. But I tried to do a roll-up and it was like “I’ll be darned - I have no core strength.”

Since then I really feel like a new human. My posture has improved, my lower back pain disappeared and never came back again. I also started just wheedling the fat off my body. I became so much leaner than I ever had before - basically going from a size 8 to a size 4/6. I only lost 5 lbs but I reshaped the rest of the body. It has been truly amazing.

In addition, I got pregnant with twins and then broke my ankle and had to stop for six months. But I picked it up again as soon as I could and worked all of the baby fat off in no time. I think that was because my body was in such good shape from beforehand that it didn’t take long to get it kicked into gear once I started again. Plus, it has been really great for my ankle.

People need to do this exercise. Pilates gives you an evenly muscled body - especially your core and back, And if your core and back are strong then you will eliminate so many aches and pains that people complain about all of the time. It’s really that’s simple. I’m now an addict. In fact I love it so much I’m training to become an instructor!

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