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Stacey Walker

Long Island, NY

I’ve always been an athlete and I’m in fairly good shape. But I work a ton of crazy hours as a interior designer, and the day-to-day routine doesn't allow for me to work out as much as I used to . I need to get the most out of the time I do find to work out. Pilates has done that for me.

I had always wanted to try Pilates and there is a studio by my office. So one day I saw an ad in my local paper for Forever Fit Pilates Studio and I called up and set up my first private session with Barbara Pantino. I have been training with her ever since.

Physically I feel great I have more energy. I am more toned and look leaner than I ever did when I went to the gym. I am only 5’4” but I look a little taller now and I am way more flexible. And it really is a mind and body exercise - it makes me feel more alert and focused. I also never seem to get bored as Barbara always finds new ways to challenge me when we train. I do both private and group sessions. With this economy I have had to cut back a lot of my extras these days, but Pilates is one thing I will not give up. It keeps me fit, happy and energized. Once you hit 40 it is harder and harder to keep the weight off and feel good about your body. This does it for me.

If you haven’t tried Pilates I say go for it. It will boost your energy and when you feel and look good it will also boost your self esteem. You have nothing to lose - at least try one session and you'll know if its for you.

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