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Sue & Jim Lyon

Minneapolis, MN

As a busy internal medicine physician, I realized that I needed to have a regular exercise routine to maintain my stamina working long hours on-call. After four years of personal training, I started taking Pilates Reformer classes. Pilates has helped me to focus on my core stabilization, flexibility, and balance beyond anything I could achieve in the gym.

I have found Pilates to be relaxing and rewarding with an almost endless array of exercises available. Pilates is never boring and gives me a sense of accomplishment as I continue to improve my technique with intermediate and advanced exercises. I particularly like the emphasis on shoulder stabilization and upper back extension which has helped me improve my posture. Pilates has given me improved body awareness and helped me learn proper alignment of the shoulder. My favorite exercises are Teaser and Backstroke because they combine shoulder and back strength with sequential movement of the spine, abdominal strength and balance. The accompanying jumpboard is also both challenging and exhilarating.

After several years of Pilates Reformer classes, I thought this may also be an enjoyable activity for my husband, Jim. He initially took private lessons for a year from Karin Twigg, owner of Awaken Pilates in Minneapolis, after I gave him a Pilates package as a birthday gift. We have now been taking semi-private Pilates lessons from Karin for the past three years. My husband was originally more drawn to yoga, and as a result, we also take weekly yoga classes at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis practicing the Ashtanga primary series. Many Pilates exercises are similar to yoga poses although there is more emphasis on flowing movement with Pilates. I never dreamed I would be taking yoga, and I am certain my husband never dreamed he would be taking Pilates.

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We also have the ability to do Pilates in our home and have purchased the Allegro Tower of Power® and the EXO Chair. I am very comfortable performing the exercises Karin has taught us and find the ability to use our Pilates equipment at home has improved my flexibility, abdominal strength and shoulder stabilization. The lessons that I have learned have been cumulative, and I am certain Pilates will always be a valuable part of our lives.

Sue and Jim Lyon do Pilates at Awaken Pilates in Minneapolis, MN.

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