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Vikki Ludwig

Bridgeport, WV

10 years ago, after a lifetime of dealing with weight issues, I decided to dedicate myself to fitness. I joined Weight Watchers (and now work for them) and was certified as a personal trainer. I also became certified to teach mat-based Pilates.

But even with a new found focus on health my back could not escape years of physical stress, poor posture and bad alignment. The pain began about 5 years ago and got worse each day. Just walking - even on sand - would send shock waves of pain up through my spine. I would take my kids to school and by the time I got there I couldn’t feel my feet. I was in agony.

It was discovered that two bones in my back were fractured. My doctor said they looked like broken eggshells. He suggested physical therapy but it didn’t do much - I’d already been doing similar exercises as a fitness instructor. I talked with my doctor about a Pilates-based program and that’s when things got better in a big way.

My amazing instructor, Roxie Maynard, helped me stay calm and focused, which really allowed me to identify my core and the surrounding muscles - and how to correctly move with them. It was something I really hadn’t felt before, even as an instructor. As I lengthened and stretched my musculature, the pain began to go away.

The more I did Pilates the less pain I felt. Now I’m able to move and function like a normal person. I get a fatigued back every so often, but life is so much better than it was before. I’ve even grown a centimeter as a result of better alignment!

When I first started teaching Pilates I mistakenly viewed it as just another part of my instruction resume. But now I know that it is so much more - and it has given me a passion to teach.

Now I help others use Pilates to change their lives, just as it has changed mine forever.

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Vicki Ludwig does Pilates at Pilates by Roxie in Edmond, OK.

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