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Man hiking on a mountainside

Real People, Real Stories

For so many of us, Pilates is much more than an exercise method - it is a way of life.

Throughout the years we’ve heard people - both Pilates professionals and enthusiasts - tell us how the benefits of Pilates and mind-body exercise have changed their lives - sometimes dramatically. We’d like to share some with you…

Sally Brown

Missoula, Montana

Regaining balance and confidence. From recovery to…roller derby? Read More »

Daniel Lyon

Missoula, Montana

After suffering third-degree burns over 65% of his body, Hotshot Daniel Lyon is now on the long road of recovery. Read More »

Peter Landres

Missoula, Montana

Peter wanted to return to serious backcountry skiing, mountaineering, and backpacking - all upright activities with bipedal movement.… Read More »

Megan Fisher

Missoula, Montana

Watch how Megan overcame tragedy to become a successful Paralympian and physical therapist… Read More »

Rashmi Gandhi

San Diego, California back is pain-free and I’m 40 pounds lighter. In addition, my posture has changed... Read More »

Mark Jeffe

Buffalo, New York

Sometimes you have to make a hard choice quickly. Sometimes it is clear what to do. Sometimes it isn't.
And sometimes it immediately changes your life. Read More »

Grant Korgan

Reno, Nevada

The doctor told us that we needed to get used to life in a wheelchair.
My wife, Shawna, and I had other ideas. Read More »

Roland Smiley

Albany, New York

I want to show all people that blindness is that: a challenge, not a disability.
We are like everyone else, we just can’t see. Read More »

Marc Winter

Rancho Santa Margarita, California

As an OBGYN physician and surgeon I’ve worked with many women who have had breast cancer.
But it was a big surprise when I was diagnosed with it myself. Read More »