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International Purchases & Shipping


We can ship your purchases directly to most countries, using one of these methods:

  • By air: door-to-door or door-to-airport.
  • By ocean transit: less expensive, allow approximately six to eight weeks for delivery.
  • You may also use your own freight forwarder.

Import costs

Your landed cost can be 10% to 20% higher depending on your country. This added cost must be paid when your order arrives, and can include higher transportation and storage costs, plus customs, duties, taxes and currency conversion fees.

Import costs differ for each country. For detailed information, we recommend that you speak with your local customs broker. Your broker will need to know Balanced Body’s tariff code: 950691.000.

Payment methods

Payment in full is required before orders are released. We accept two methods of international payment:

  • Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Discover or American Express).
  • Bank Transfer (call us for wire transfer details). You are responsible for any wire fees charged by your bank, or by any intermediary bank that processes or forwards the wire. There is a minimum service charge for orders that total less than $250.00.

Please also see our returns and warranty policies.

Countries with Balanced Body distributors

Orders shipped to countries where we have international representatives (distributors) must be placed with the distributor. Costs may vary. In these cases, you will have these added advantages:

  • Doing business in your own language and time zone.
  • Doing business in your own currency.
  • The distributor handles the process of clearing customs.
  • The distributor offers local sales and service assistance.

UK shipping

Balanced Body® products are now stocked in the UK – available for immediate delivery!

  • Save hundreds of pounds in transit costs!
  • Over 30 Balanced Body products are available, including Reformers, Chairs, CoreAlign®, MOTR®, Towers and more. (Standard configuration only)
  • Contact within 1-2 business days and delivery to suit.
  • Special delivery options also available. Additional cost and transit time apply.