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Women in AI3D class


Q: How does the AI3D program work?
AI3D is a unique way to learn the anatomy of the body. It is truly building the body from the inside out, from the muscles closest to the skeletal structure out to the larger mover muscles. This approach gives students a unique view of how the body is constructed and how movement is facilitated.

The full AI3D experience is available as a 16-hour weekend course or as a pre-conference session at Pilates on Tour®. The full course covers the core, leg, shoulder girdle, back and spinal anatomy.

Other workshops focusing on specific anatomical structures are available. These workshops, usually 4 hours long, focus on topics such as the deep core, the shoulder girdle, the lower leg and foot. Look for these courses on our Education Finder®. They are also often featured at our Pilates on Tour conferences.

Get more information or find a course near you.

Q: Can I use AI3D to fulfill my anatomy requirements with Balanced Body’s Pilates teacher training program?
Yes! And that exclamation point is there for a reason as we HIGHLY recommend that you take the AI3D course to fulfill your anatomy requirement. We believe strongly in this program’s ability to bring the anatomy — and especially the anatomy as it relates to movement — to life. This program is an integral part of your overall educational experience.

Q: Can I get equipment/education package discounts?
Yes, contact us for more information.

Q: Can I get BB to offer this class at my studio?
Balanced Body can bring our education into your facility, including the AI3D program. Follow the simple guidelines to set up your course.

Q: Where are courses offered?
We currently have over 50 AI3D master instructors located throughout the world. In addition, many of our AI3D master instructors will travel to on-site locations, allowing us to bring this program to your facility. Find master instructors and courses in your area.

Q: How do I become an AI3D master instructor?
Balanced Body is always seeking to add progressive, creative and dynamic teachers to its impressive list of master instructors. However, to become a master instructor member high standards must be met and the need for a master instructor in your area must exist. If you are interested in becoming a master instructor, learn more about how to apply.

Q: What do I wear to class?
Dress comfortably and in clothes you do not mind getting clay on. Things can get a bit messy!

Q: What is the ‘materials fee’?
A materials fee is an Instructor Training Manual (ITM) and an Instructor Training Video (ITV) which consists of a DVD and web access to the DVD content via streaming video. Most courses require an ITM and in some locations and ITV. Many manuals are available in multiple languages but ITV’s are currently only available in English.