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Bodhi Suspension System® FAQs

Q: Why should I add Bodhi Suspension System to my studio/facility?
Bodhi suspension-based workouts are dynamic, fun and challenging. Adding Bodhi to your studio/facility gives you a powerful tool for your clients’ programs and a unique service offering. Whether in a class, private session, or integrated into an existing Pilates program, Bodhi Suspension System adds versatility and variety. Rooted in biomechanically sound principles, the Bodhi Suspension System will challenge clients of all levels.

Q: How do I integrate Bodhi Suspension System into my studio/facility?
Bodhi is easy to add to virtually every studio space. The two independent ropes require either wall or ceiling mounts.

Q: What are the mounting options?
Because the Bodhi Suspension System consists of two independent ropes with 4 potential suspension points, we highly recommend suspending the ropes at least 18 inches from the wall or from a ceiling mount. The ropes can be suspended against a wall but some of the exercises will have a different feel and experience as a result.

Q: When can I start teaching?
You can begin implementing and teaching your program once you have successfully completed your Bodhi training workshop.

Q: What materials will I get?
Your workshop materials will include a detailed manual and instructor DVD.

Q: When am I considered a Bodhi Suspension System Instructor? Is there a test out?
Once you successfully complete your Bodhi workshop you can say that you are trained by Balanced Body. To become a fully-qualified Bodhi instructor you will need to:

  • Complete 20 personal sessions
  • Student-teach 20 classes
  • Successfully complete a practical test-out

Test-outs can be done through authorized training centers and are regularly scheduled on our Education Finder.

Q: What is the benefit to becoming a fully-qualified Bodhi Suspension System Instructor?
While you are able to teach after successful completion of your initial workshop, becoming a fully-qualified Bodhi Instructor has many perks. As a Bodhi Instructor you will have access to Balanced Body resources such as marketing materials, specialized teaching-based podcasts, access to the Balanced Body teaching community and equipment discounts.

Q: Where do I get marketing materials?
Once you have completed your test out, marketing materials will be made available to you online. You may also consult with our marketing department at any time.

Q: Where can I take the Bodhi Suspension System course?
Bodhi Authorized Training Centers are located across the U.S. and around the world. Check our Education Finder for courses near you. Very often Bodhi is offered as a pre-conference session at our Pilates On Tour conferences. In addition, many of our Bodhi master instructors can travel to on-site locations allowing us to bring this program to your facility.

Q: Can I get Balanced Body to offer this class at my studio?
Yes. Just follow the simple guidelines to set up your course.

Q: Can I get equipment/education package discounts?
Yes, contact us for more information.

Q: How do I become a Bodhi Suspension System master instructor?
Balanced Body is always seeking to add progressive, creative and dynamic teachers to its impressive list of master instructors. You will need to meet high standards, and a need must exist for a master instructor in your area If you are interested in becoming a master instructor, learn more about how to apply.

Q: What do I wear to class? What footwear is required?
Be prepared to move and to have fun. Footwear is optional.

Q: What is the ‘materials fee’?
A materials fee is an Instructor Training Manual (ITM) and an Instructor Training Video (ITV) which consists of a DVD and web access to the DVD content via streaming video. Most courses require an ITM and in some locations and ITV. Many manuals are available in multiple languages but ITV’s are currently only available in English.