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CoreAlign® FAQs

Q: Why should I add CoreAlign to my studio/facility?
CoreAlign is as unique an apparatus today as the Reformer was when Joe Pilates first developed it.

It is truly functional as it applies our movement principles in an upright, standing setting. By training reciprocal motion of the legs, weight-bearing transitions, and balance, CoreAlign is an excellent tool to upgrade movement foundations and enhance your performance in daily activities such as walking and running, to sports-specific activities such as windsurfing and skiing.

Q: How do I integrate CoreAlign into my studio/facility?
The versatility of CoreAlign brings diversity, challenge and fun to your current programs. CoreAlign is being used to add variety or as a stand-alone exercise tool for individualized training and small-group classes.

Learn how Center of Balance implemented a very successful CoreAlign program at their studio.

See how the CoreAlign changed the business model for EHS Pilates.

Q: Why are there two courses? Do I need to take both to begin teaching? Do they need to be in succession?
Believe it or not, the two courses are just the tip of the iceberg with regard to the incredible exercise potential of the CoreAlign. Level 1, Foundations, provides an overview of the machine and instruction in the most frequently used exercises. After Level 1 you will be able to teach CoreAlign classes and add exercise sequences into your client’s workouts. Level 2, Progressions, builds on the basic exercises and adds variations and more complex movement patterns for more advanced students. Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2.

Q: Does the CoreAlign have a place in the rehabilitation environment?
Yes! Jonathan Hoffman, the inventor, is a physical therapist who developed the CoreAlign to work on gait mechanics. Throughout its evolution as a rehabilitation tool, Jonathan’s patients enjoyed their work on the CoreAlign so much that, when treatment ended, they wanted to continue their work on the CoreAlign. Thus CoreAlign classes were born. This wellness model offers clients a way to train foundational movement and avoid reinjury while providing physical therapy clinics all over the world a way to bring in additional revenue.

At Alpine Physical Therapy, the CoreAlign is revolutionizing rehabilitation.

Q: Where can I take a CoreAlign class?
CoreAlign Authorized training centers are located across the U.S. and around the world. Check our Education Finder® for courses near you. CoreAlign is often featured as a pre-conference session at our Pilates On Tour conferences.

Q: Can I get equipment/education package discounts?
Yes, contact us for more information.

Q: Can I get BB to offer this class at my studio?
Balanced Body offers you the opportunity to bring our education into your facility and that includes the CoreAlign program. Follow the simple guidelines to set up your course.

Q: Where are courses offered?
We currently have CoreAlign master instructors and CoreAlign Master Instructors located throughout the world. In addition, we travel to on-site locations to bring this program to your facility. Find master instructors and courses in your area.

Q: How do I become a CoreAlign master instructor?
Balanced Body always seeks to add progressive, creative and dynamic teachers to its impressive list of master instructors. However, to become a master instructor there are high standards that must be met and a need for a master instructor in your area. If you are interested in becoming a master instructor, learn more about how to apply.

Q: What do I wear to class? Is footwear required?
Dress comfortably in clothes to move and exercise in. Footwear (for example, a lightweight trainer) is recommended.

Q: Is there a test out?
Each of the modules requires successfully completing an in-class written test and a practical teaching presentation. To become a fully-qualified CoreAlign instructor you will need to successfully complete all three modules, 14 CoreAlign observation hours, 40 CoreAlign personal sessions and 120 student teaching hours. The test itself consists of both written and practical sections. The tests are scheduled and offered at our Authorized Training Centers and can be found on our Education Finder.

Q: What is the ‘materials fee’?
A materials fee is an Instructor Training Manual (ITM) and an Instructor Training Video (ITV) which consists of a DVD and web access to the DVD content via streaming video. Most courses require an ITM and in some locations and ITV. Many manuals are available in multiple languages but ITV’s are currently only available in English.