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Why Balanced Body Education?

A Balanced Body Pilates education respectfully and comprehensively presents the works of Joseph Pilates. Our signature approach teaches the repertoire, movement principles, class design and client specific applications of each exercise. At Balanced Body, we encourage you to explore and create your own voice and style as a practitioner, as we believe this approach respects the past and builds the future. Our master instructors, manuals and video support are some of the best in the industry. Download our Education Course Catalog (PDF format).

Acclaimed Curriculum
Experienced Master Instructors
Pilates on Tour® Continuing Education Conferences
Courses Offered in over 60 Countries

Where Do I Start?

All Balanced Body programs begin with Anatomy in Three Dimensions and the Balanced Body Movement Principles, bringing together the art and science of movement to create a solid foundation for your practice and your career.

Choose My Path

Join the Balanced Body family of dedicated, inspirational Pilates professionals with courses desiged to engage, encourage and excite you.

Our Integrated Movement curriculum will deepen your understanding of anatomy and motion, and the role of quality movement standards in optimizing training to meet goals.

Expand My Repertoire

Every training method has a unique focus and purpose. Move beyond Pilates and explore techniques like MOTR for balance, Bodhi for integrated strength, CoreAlign for gait, posture and functional training and Barre for a fun, music driven workout. Expand your repertoire, enhance your mind, increase your client base!


  • World's top instructors in an intimate setting
  • Interesting and diverse hands-on curriculum
  • Earn CECs (PMA, ACE, NASM)
  • Build your professional network

Meet the Balanced Body Education Team

Nora St. John
Education Program Director
Portia Page
Education Program Liaison
Joy Puleo
Education Program Manager
Helen Vanderburg
Commercial Fitness Education Manager

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