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Are you seeking to understand the quality and standards of movement?

Are you intrigued by anatomy and the interplay of muscles-bones-joints while the body is in motion?

If so, our Integrated Movement Specialist (IMS) certification is for you! IMS candidates learn how to optimize client training by recognizing foundational movements, employing quality standards and applying client progression. You will dive in to hands-on anatomy, giving you the physiological baseline for why and how the body works. The Integrated Movement Specialist certificate positions you as an expert in movement performance, enabling you to retain and attract clients.

Why become an Integrated Movement Specialist?

  • Advance your knowledge of Movement Quality as the foundation of every training method.
  • Develop efficient and effective Movement Analysis and Recommendation skills.
  • Expand your programming repertoire to attract more clients and grow your business in clubs.
  • Join our elite Balanced Body Education global community of leading movement professionals.
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How Do I Earn Hours Toward Certification?


  • Anatomy in Three Dimensions or equivalent - 12 hours
  • Balanced Body Movement Principles - 12 hours
  • Balanced Body Movement Programming - 16 hours

The programming hours can be completed through any Balanced Body conference workshop and Balanced Body courses at Authorized Training Centers.

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