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Passing the Torch™

Balanced Body® has partnered with the “best of the best” Pilates instructors to offer a new and exciting program called Passing the Torch.

Inspired by a discussion with Lolita San Miguel in the fall of 2008, this program was created to help shape the next generation of leaders in the Pilates community.

"Passing the Torch™" is designed for Pilates instructors who have been teaching Pilates for many years and long for a deepening of their work through a mentorship program with a master teacher.

This unique program is set up as either 1, 2 or 3 weeks of intensive hands-on mentoring with a teacher. Each teacher’s program reflects their specific interests and passions. Additional course work and self study will be required to maximize your growth as a teacher.

The Mentor program is not intended to be a graduate Pilates certification program, nor is it standardized between mentors. Students choose the mentor they want to work with from our outstanding group of inspirational teachers.

We highly suggest that students have some previous experience with the mentor of choice.

Over time, we will be adding new mentors. If you are interested in studying with someone and they are not listed here, please feel free to make a suggestion.