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Balanced Body Authorized Training Centers

With Authorized Training Centers and highly qualified master instructors around the world, Balanced Body makes education accessible.

You do not have to fly halfway around the world to experience high-quality education. We provide nearby programs designed to minimize the need to travel.

Learn more about training at your facility.

Our Authorized Training Centers are located in studios, rehab clinics and top sports clubs. Facilities interested in becoming an Authorized Training Center must meet these requirements:

  1. Master Instructor in Residence: A facility must have an active master instructor in residence. You must have an instructor approved and invited to our master instructor training before the facility can be approved. While we recommend that the owner-operator serve as the master instructor it is possible for other instructors within your facility to become the designated Balanced Body master instructor.
  2. Location: An adequate demand for teacher training must exist in your local area. In addition, your area must not have an Authorized Training Center that already provides Pilates courses.
  3. Facility: All Balanced Body Authorized Training Centers use and train on Balanced Body equipment. Our equipment — with its superior craftsmanship, durability and quality — provides students an amazing learning platform from which to excel and grow as teachers.

What Else?

In addition to our acclaimed Pilates program, Balanced Body is pleased to offer an expanding line-up of training opportunities, and our need for highly-skilled master instructors continues to grow.

Additional and complementary programs include Balanced Body Barre®, Bodhi Suspension System®, CoreAlign®, and MOTR®. All of these programs are taught with a foundation of Balanced Body Movement Principles.

Individually, each program is its own stand-alone fitness and wellness tool, but together they create a wealth of opportunity for studios, fitness centers, physical therapy clinics and personal training suites.

Our Authorized Training Centers can also offer additional workshops and programs. Please check back periodically to see what’s new.

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Pilates Authorized Training Centers