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Spring 2013

Rehab Center

REHAB WRAP-UP: 7 Cool Things That Happened in the Valley of the Sun.
(From our April Education Email)

by Dan Wilson

The 6th annual Pilates on Tour Rehabilitation Summit just wrapped a few weeks ago in Phoenix. Close to 200 rehabilitation and Pilates professionals gathered to celebrate the coming of age of Pilates as a rehabilitation tool, supported and strengthened by research and clinical experience. Here are seven highlights from this year’s conference.

Research panel presentation
On top of the many hands-on workshops for which POT is well known, this year we also offered platform presentations on Pilates research, given by several of the industry’s best physical therapists. Polestar’s Brent Anderson, PhD, PT, OCS, discussed the overall emergence of research in Pilates. Stolze Therapies’ Liza Stolze, MPT, DSc, presented a compelling validation of Pilates in lower back pain. Sherri Betz PT, GCS from TheraPilates discussed the current research being done on Pilates and osteoporosis, and BASI's Karen Clippinger M.S.P.E., presented a summary of research that supported the theory and practice of Pilates.

Video case studies of Pilates in action
A picture paints a thousand words and in this case we featured five video case studies that demonstrated how truly monumental Pilates is becoming in the therapeutic field. Elizabeth Larkam, MS Ed, Passing the Torch Mentor, and PHI Pilates’ Chrissy Ruby, PT, MPT, ACT, each presented fascinating video profiles on working with clients with brain injuries. Evolve Wellness' Dawn-Marie Ickes, MPT, presented her success story on working with a 93-year old client with post-surgical pelvic floor issues, while Brent Anderson presented another success story of a senior long distance cyclist with arthritis. And Athlete's Performance's Anna Hartman, MS, ATC, CSCS, showed how Pilates helped her client - a runner - compete without the major pain issues that had accompanied him for years.

It was, plain and simple, powerful stuff.

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Grant Korgan inspiring us all
Speaking of powerful, Grant and Shawna Korgan riveted all of us with their story of hope, love and hard work that started when Grant suffered a burst fracture of his L1 vertebrate. With the help of Pilates-based rehabilitation he went from complete paralysis below the waist to sit-skiing to the South Pole in just two years. His goal is 120% recovery and we have no doubt he is going to pull it off. A true testament that what we do really can change lives.

Curriculum reaches a new level
The curriculum and content of every class and presentation was at an all-time high at this year's conference - and that's saying something. Every one had well thought-out presentations or class sessions from both a research perspective and, just as important, an evidence perspective. It made for an exciting and inspirational time of learning for everyone involved.

Lucky to have Polestar on board
Polestar Pilates is a pioneer in Pilates-based rehabilitation and we were very fortunate to have them participate in such a big way at the conference. Brent and his crew were all at the top of their game and added instant credibility and a wealth of knowledge to the proceedings.

Awesome spring weather and blooming cactus
We had perfect weather in the 80's and low 90's and it doesn't get any prettier than early spring in the desert, as you can tell.

Connecting with peers from around the world
Our rehabilitation summit always provides the most geographically diverse group of people at Pilates on Tour and this year was no different. We had attendees from 30 different states and eight different countries -from Canada to Korea - at the conference. It was incredible to see so many people from so many places share a weekend of learning, networking and fun together.

Here’s to an even better Pilates Rehab Summit in 2014 (yes, it will be hard to top but we're going to do everything we can). Thank you to all of those who attended. We hope to see even more of you next year - April 4-6, 2014.