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Pilates COREterly

Spring 2014 Edition

Balanced Body’s COREterly eNewsletter is a quarterly publication for Pilates and other fitness professionals. Articles by Pilates instructors and studio owners offer views on topics that affect all of us in the professional Pilates and mind-body community.

Pilates Programming

Pilates and Children

by Larkin Barnett, BA, MA
Getting kids active is an important task. Pilates is a wonderful way to keep them engaged and interested in exercise, plus it helps develop their minds and bodies…
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From the Studio

Twins and Twins Again

by Anastasiya Goers
Being pregnant is a natural event in a woman’s life. However, getting pregnant with identical twins TWICE was a surprise to me and my body…
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Pilates Marketeer

The Importance of Promoting Your Instructors in a Big Way

by Dana Auriemma
For studio owners, promoting instructors is an important and valuable practice to engage in. It puts a spotlight on the instructor and gets clients excited about working with them…
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Recipe Box

Chilled English Pea Soup

by Beth Pladson
A super easy soup to make on a hot summer day…
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What’s New

We’ve got a brand new address…
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Balanced Body on the Road


Come visit us! See where Balanced Body will be next…
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