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Balanced Body COREterly

Spring/Summer 2015 Edition

Balanced Body’s COREterly eNewsletter is a quarterly publication for Pilates and other fitness professionals. Articles by Pilates instructors and studio owners offer views on topics that affect all of us in the professional Pilates and mind-body community.

Teaching and Learning

Effective Teaching through Cueing and Communication Tools
Part 2: Cueing

by Lee Cooper
Having an idea as to how the client processes (the) cueing will determine how they assimilate the words offered from the teacher…
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From the Studio

How Online Class Websites Can Benefit Your Studio

by Dana Auriemma
…it would be even better if clients could workout or practice Pilates more often each week to see and feel even greater results than they already do! This is where online class websites come in!
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COREterly Marketeer

Men: The X-Factor of Pilates

by Daniel Wilson
It’s no secret that most Pilates participants around the globe are women. But the frustrating question is why?
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What’s New

Our 75th Pilates on Tour is coming up right here in Sacramento. We’d love for you to join us.
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Balanced Body on the Road


Come visit us! See where Balanced Body will be next…
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