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Winter 2017

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Pilates On Tour 2017: Why Your Boss or Manager Should Send You in 4 Easy Steps.

by Erika Quest

As a Pilates and/or fitness professional, you are part of a tribe which understands that movement changes lives, and you are well aware of both the benefits and need to continue your education each year. It is a time for you to be with your community, decompress from your day to day environment with clients, and relish in the opportunity to learn, grow and prosper in your field.

At Balanced Body, we know you value your continuing education, which is why we are proud to offer Pilates on Tour® conferences around the world. Pilates on Tour is an unforgettable experience of small classes with A-list instructors and plenty of equipment to help you absorb what you learn. You can discover new exercises and great group programming, improve your teaching skills, tap into an awesome community or get tips on growing your business. Pilates on Tour is the conference for you.

Use these four irresistible and compelling reasons to convince your studio manager or boss send you in 2017!

1. Do your research!
Find a Pilates on Tour location that suits your fancy from a budgetary, geographic and educational standpoint. Ever wanted to go to Venice, Italy, in December when the tourists are gone and the city is pristine? Maybe Phoenix sounds better in April, when it’s warm and you’ll find many instructors who are focused on rehab and Physical Therapy.

Review all of the workshop offerings, see which feel like the best fit, and think about why they will make you a better instructor when you return home.

2. Remind your manager of the value of continuing education
Research and protocol is ever-changing in the industry of Pilates, functional fitness and Physical Therapy. It is truly of worth for you to feel equipped with the latest and most up-to-date information which can positively impact current and future clientele where you practice.

An example: If you deal with joint replacements, the value of learning the most cutting edge training practices is of the utmost importance to make sure you continue to safely and effectively keep your clients strong and mobile.

Or, you can learn new and fun exercises sequences to keep your multi-level group equipment classes fresh to retain loyalty and bring in new customers.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Reviewing the sessions will help you build a strong case for continuing education.

3. Don’t be shy! Talk the numbers
It can be uncomfortable to ask your manager to fully invest in your continuing education, but it is a very worthwhile question to ask. You may be surprised at the answer, in a great way, and even encourage them and others in your work place to attend along with you.

We know conferences and CECs can rack up the dollars and cents (and sense!), so even if management can’t pay for ALL of the conference, perhaps they will pay a portion of the full conference fees and you’ll pick up the rest. OR, they pay for the conference and you’ll take care of any travel and hotel-related expenses.

4. Create a “Meeting Of The Minds” upon your return!
Maybe only you can attend a Pilates on Tour conference, or maybe your entire studio can experience it together. Either way, planning a joyful learning lunch or dinner after you return is a great way to keep the inspiration going and learn from your co-workers.. Everyone gets together to discuss the bright spots of their experience, share new strategies, protocol, exercises and—the important next step—how to incorporate them into your environment to keep clients engaged and empowered in their sessions. You could even choose to invite clients to this event and turn it into an “appreciation gathering,” imparting why it is vital that you continue your education and how it will impact them positively.

Treat yourself to the warmest, friendliest Pilates conferences in the country and enjoy a weekend of learning, networking and fun.

We look forward to seeing you at a Pilates on Tour in 2017!