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Balanced Body COREterly

Winter 2018 Edition

Balanced Body’s COREterly eNewsletter is a quarterly publication for Pilates and other fitness professionals. Articles by Pilates instructors and studio owners offer views on topics that affect all of us in the professional Pilates and mind-body community.

Programming Spotlight

Shifting Suspension: From TRX® to Bodhi

by Breeda Willis
I always wanted to be able to do 4 point suspension with TRX, but couldn't get it. I started taking classes on Bodhi and this is where the game changed even more with regards to suspension training.
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Pilates Marketeer

Become an MVP In Your Brand, Business & Beyond

by Erika Quest
Whether you are an independent contractor, employee or own your own business, you need a well-written MISSION, VISION & PURPOSE (MVP). … you can use this to drive content on everything from your website, social media pages, video channels, marketing strategies and so much more.
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Teaching and Learning

Mindfulness In Movement: Deconstructing The Importance & Power Of Bridging!

by Marie-Claire Prettyman
"Try and imagine that your other hip (the one closest to the shoulder cushions) is gently dropping away from your stretched arm, so that the stretch is two-directional." I did not physically see much change in her positioning but she immediately said "Oh yes! I can feel that now!"
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From the Studio

VLOG: Rock Your Retention! How To Capture Your First Time Pilates Client!

by Lesley Logan
New clients are not a dime a dozen. And, while I believe there are enough clients to go around, the first-time Pilates session is probably the most important session a client will have.
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On The Road


Come visit us! See where Balanced Body will be next…
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