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Balanced Body COREterly

Winter 2018

From the Studio

VLOG: Rock Your Retention! How To Capture Your First Time Pilates Client!

By: Lesley Logan

New clients are not a dime a dozen. And, while I believe there are enough clients to go around, the first-time Pilates session is probably the most important session a client will have.

If they have never done Pilates before the pressure to rock their hour is higher. They not only have never worked with you, but they are also new to Pilates. Guess what? You're the first experience they are going to have and if don't enjoy this session they might not try Pilates with another teacher for a long time. No pressure, right?

How do you get a new client to fall in love with Pilates so much they sign up for 10, 20 or more sessions?

Spoiler alert! You can't. Pilates, as we know, is amazing yet complicated. In a 55 min session, you cannot explain all there is to know about Pilates, how it will help them and how you will help them achieve and exceed their goals.

It's just too much!

You have my permission to not worry about explaining EVERYTHING there is to "get" about Pilates to a new client and instead, try incorporating my three tips in your next first-time session.

Lastly, if you're sitting here thinking, "The first session is my favorite but it's getting them to come in for that session in the first place that I am struggling with." I've got some great info for you in my past blog posts part one and part two.