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Winter 2018

Pilates Marketeer

Become an MVP In Your Brand, Business & Beyond

By: Erika Quest

Whether you are an independent contractor, employee or own your own business, you need a well-written MISSION, VISION & PURPOSE (MVP). With a strong and personal MVP, you can use this to drive content on everything from your website, social media pages, video channels, marketing strategies and so much more. It is truly the WHY behind WHAT you do! While there are many ways to go about writing a MVP, this is a simple, three-part model, starting with a value statement, offering supporting facts for that statement, and then linking the statement to a benefit for the reader, viewer, potential customer or listener.

Take some time to review this three-part strategy. Even if the sentences don't flow naturally at first, write down words which resonate with you. Eventually as this process takes shape, you will have the "jumping off" point to populate and permeate in all areas of your brand, be it online, in person and/or inside your facility/studio. Throughout this exercise use authentic yet "sizzle" copy and statements / words such as "exceed your goals" or "revolutionize your mind and body" which align with what you and your business's sharp points are and how you are shifting and changing people's lives. Maybe you cater to Mom's who can only find time to workout mid-day. Perhaps your studio is close to a country club where golfers frequent you for fitness and wellness strategies. These are sharp points. Play these up!

Part 1: Start With a Value Statement
The value statement tells the reader what's important to your business. It describes what your company is about. This should be done in 3-5 sentences maximum.

Write Your Value Statement:

Part 2: Offer a Reason For Being
After you have said what matters to your business in your value statement, offer some evidence or proof to support that position. This is the reason your company is what it is. This should be done in a couple sentences, max! Your business's reason to be does not need to be complex. Just make it honest and consistent with your value statement.

Write Your Reason For Being:

Part 3: Close With A Benefit
End your MVP with some sort of a benefit statement or implied benefit statement aimed at your customers.

Write Your Benefit(s)

Now let's pull it all together. A great way to refine what you've written down is to read it aloud, as if you're presenting yourself or your brand to a potential customer. Stand proudly in front of a mirror and try it! Once you've dialed in your "dog and pony" you can then re-visit all of your current platforms such as website, Yelp account, Google business, YouTube and update your MVP.

Finally, I would encourage you to check in on your MVP every year and do this simple exercise to see if things have adjusted. Much like we need to change our batteries in our smoke alarms or switch out a lightbulb, make your MVP a priority. Keep it current and fresh to make sure you remain at the top of the search results and list for the audience trying to find you!

Practical eCommerce, October 10, 2016