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Pilates COREterly

Fall 2010

Editor’s Note: Along with a new look we also have some new topic categories. These may change on an issue-by-issue basis depending on content, but it allows us to cover a wider range of subjects. We hope you like them.

Teaching and Learning

Building Healthy Teacher-Student Relationships

- By Chantill Lopez
In this article we will look at establishing clear values, setting boundaries, and building trust and respect as elements of the healthy teacher-student relationship…
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Pilates and …

Cardiovascular Exercise and Equipment: Does it Fit in a Pilates Lifestyle?

- By Carrie Cohn
If you are working with a client who relies on a treadmill or elliptical for cardio, make sure you watch for indications of a developing injury. These injuries can develop for several reasons …
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Featured Exercise

This issue’s featured exercise is the fun Long Box Pull-up.
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What’s New – Fall 2010

Well, just in case you hadn’t noticed, we look a little different now…
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(continued above)

The Legacy of Pilates

Passing the Torch – Who is the Next Generation of Pilates Leaders?

- By Elizabeth Larkam, MS Ed
How can the wisdom of the first generation teachers and the expert knowledge of industry master teachers be transmitted to the next group of professionals?
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Rehab Corner

Getting Back in the Race

- By Daniel Wilson
Winning over 40 other off-road competitions requires toughness. But as tough as those accomplishments are, Jamie’s most difficult challenge came in 2008 when she was diagnosed with a tumor and underwent a partial removal of her sciatic nerve.
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Balanced Body® on the Road™

Fall 2010

Visit Balanced Body at one of the shows or events we will attend in the next few months around the world…
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Event Recap

PMA’s 10th International Educational Conference

PMA’s 10th International Educational Conference.
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