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Pilates COREterly

Summer 2011

Teaching and Learning

First Impressions – Part One

by Chantill Lopez
The most crippling part of first impressions is that we often don't recognize what's at work. If we observed our underlying motivations and prejudices more clearly we could use them to our advantage…
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Pilates and …

Fighting Cancer, Finding a Career

by Tracy Krulik
I had been incredibly sick for nine years before a doctor figured out that I had a tumor on my pancreas, and after I recovered from my surgery at age 36, I felt 17 again…
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Rehab Corner

Puppet Arms are More Important Than You Think !

by Allyson Cabot, P.T., Dawn-Marie Ickes, M.P.T., and Gabrielle Shrier, M.P.T.
Last Year, Core Conditioning was commissioned by NHM to provide screening, assessment and an injury prevention program designed for the puppeteers, who operate the life-size puppets in their “Dinosaur Encounters” show.
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Get to Know Balanced Body

Ever wonder who that person is on the other end of the line when you call our 800 number? Did you know that our upholstery is hand-sewn… but who’s hand? Well, here’s your chance to find out!
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What’s New – Summer 2011

The CenterLine family of equipment, instructor training videos, and new upholstery colors highlight this issues “What's New” section…
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Balanced Body® on the Road™

Summer 2011

Visit Balanced Body at one of the shows or events we will attend in the next few months around the world…
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