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Women using Push-Through-Bar

Having a Balanced Body®

Life is Motion. Pilates is Movement for Life.™

Mary Bowen, an original Pilates Elder, writes on her web site: “As I practice, teach and observe (the Pilates Method), there is always a spiritual uplift and buoyancy that comes from the work. Moreover, spirit is everywhere, isn’t it? The body is a house of spirit. Joseph and Clara Pilates knew and lived that.”

We can, too. No matter who we are or what shape we are in, we feel how Pilates enhances the everyday activities of our lives - whether it’s just bending over to pick up the newspaper or running a 26-mile marathon. And by becoming ingrained in our thought process it can move beyond the physical realm - essentially teaching us to effectively manage our entire being while providing a positive connection to our sense of self.

Now that’s a life worth living.

Rhythm & Breathing

Breathing is the deep, focused inhaling and exhaling that initiates motion within a specific exercise and has a specific rhythm attached to it.

Control & Concentration

Control and precision are direct by-products of the strong mind-body connection developed by proper breathing and concentration.

Centered & Balanced

All movement radiates outward from the center in Pilates and the ultimate goal of Pilates is to create an even and balanced musculature.

Relaxation & Whole Body Movement

An essential but often under emphasized principle of Pilates is Relaxation. It goes without saying that learning to release unnecessary tension in our bodies helps us to find ease and flow in movement and in the rest of our lives.