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Having a Balanced Body®

Life is Motion. Pilates is Movement for Life.™


In Pilates

Control and precision are direct by-products of the strong mind-body connection developed by proper breathing and concentration.. When using control and precision in a Pilates exercise, it become less about the intensity or multiple “reps” that you are doing, and more about using proper form to achieve safe, effective results. It really allows you to stay within your body during an exercise and to move with better biomechanics.

In everyday life

Many injuries occur because of an incorrect or agitated movement made during a rudimentary activity. Ever try putting a discontented two-year-old into a car seat? Between the belts, straps, squirming and screaming it’s no wonder many of us walk away with a strained back.

But using the principles of control and precision will help you make these moves more effectively with less strain on the body. That goes for any other everyday activity - like bending down to pick up the newspaper off the driveway, taking out the garbage or putting away the groceries.

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In Pilates

If breathing is the physical key to attaining mind-body awareness, then concentration is the mental key. Concentration can be thought of as the conscious control of a movement or exercise which concurrently enhances body awareness. Proper concentration allows you to do as many repetitions of a Pilates movement as you can while simultaneously focusing on other variables - like being in the right position, having your shoulders in the right place or making sure your back feels OK.

In everyday life

By using concentration in order to make a strong mind-body connection, you become more focused on where your body is in space in relation to what is physically going on around you. This leads to more balanced, graceful movements and reactions.

Say you’re standing while riding on a crowded subway or you’re in a mall that’s packed with shoppers. Creating that inward focus will effect your outward movement. You’ll find that you are able to withstand the bumps and jerks of the subway car without being thrown off balance or pass by other shoppers without being jostled as much. We have customers tell us of examples like these all of time.