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Having a Balanced Body®

Life is Motion. Pilates is Movement for Life.™

Rhythm or Flow

In Pilates

Every exercise in Pilates has a specific rhythm attached to it. The goal is to maintain continuity from repetition to repetition and from exercise to exercise. Creating smooth transitions helps our body to learn to move with grace and efficiency, which improves performance and decreases injury.

In everyday life

Being “in the flow” means that you are moving through your life smoothly, without being capsized by swirling rapids or distracted by unnecessary diversions. Creating flow and rhythm in movement helps to create flow in your life. Working on smooth transitions in Pilates class can help you to manage the many transitions in your daily life - from being a parent in the morning, to working during the day, to being a soccer coach in the afternoon. Our lives are full of transitions and learning to negotiate them smoothly will make every day a little easier.

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In Pilates

Breathing is the deep, focused inhaling and exhaling that initiates motion within a specific exercise. In addition, Pilates requires you to be keenly aware of your body and how it is moving. Breathing is the physical component in attaining that awareness. It helps you identify and think about where you are and what you are doing within a movement.

In everyday life

The Pilates principle of breathing teaches you to be better aware and proactive of the circumstances going on around you – be it physical or emotional – and not bound by them. It aids you in becoming acutely aware of a particular situation instead of just reacting to it.

For example, say you’ve just been unjustly yelled at by your boss at work. The Pilates principle of breathing might help you to take a deep breath, get your mental bearings, assess the situation and respond appropriately, calmly and professionally.

By not doing that you might instantly react and quite possibly do or say the wrong thing. This, of course, will most likely end up with the H.R. department getting involved and you getting a pink slip.

The fisrt option sounds like a much better approach wouldn’t you say?