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Group Allegro Reformer workout with handles

Proven Solutions for Mind-Body Fitness
Balanced Body Equipment, Education and Programming

Attract, Engage and Move Your Members

For over 40 years, Balanced Body's professional education and handcrafted equipment have been used by top Fitness Professionals to expand their programming and grow their businesses. Discover how these Pros are using Mind-Body Fitness to attract new clients and create profitable revenue streams.

Group Workout with Ball and Mat

Equipment and Education Packages

Balanced Body's continuous innovation in Equipment and Continuing Education allows our Customers to stay current with Mind-Body Fitness. We have Equipment and Education packages that help clubs get up and running quickly, and re-activate existing mind-body spaces.

Group Workout with MOTR and Rings
"Pilates is incredible for members dealing with limitations and looking to return to an active, healthy, pain-free life. That's been a BIG factor in program retention."
—Ashleigh Mitchell, Athletic Club of Bend
Student on a Reformer
Balanced Body keeps our customers in the lead with modern Mind-Body Fitness.