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Group Exercise or Personal Training

Pilates Exercise Programs – Group or
Personal Training Sessions?

Considering a Pilates exercise program for your club that includes equipment? Whether you offer group exercise classes, personal training sessions, or both, can depend on:

  • The size of your designated Pilates space.
  • The amount of equipment you have or are willing to invest in.
  • The financial demographics of your club - will they pay extra for personal Pilates sessions?
  • The background of your Pilates instructors - do they have group exercise experience?
  • How many sessions you’d like to offer per day.

Play with these variables using our ROI Calculator and Space Planner.

Most clubs offer a combination, since each scenario has its advantages. Ask your members what they prefer. Most likely you’ll find that both are desired. Some members prefer to work out with other people, and others like to exercise solo while getting individualized attention.

Group Exercise


  • Small group sessions (typically 4 to 6 participants) can generate significant revenue. Participant cost per session can run from $20 to $50.
  • More affordable pricing can attract members who would not sign up for one-on-one sessions, while the small group size means they’ll still get plenty of instructor attention.
  • Some members prefer the social dynamic and energy of a group experience.
  • Programming for small groups can creatively explore the needs of specific demographics at your club (Pilates for golfers, older adults, etc.), and more quickly build momentum for your program.

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Keep in mind

  • Although it can be recouped rapidly, a larger initial investment in equipment is required.
  • Must designate enough space for 4 to 6 people to safely use the equipment.
  • Programming must stay fresh. Members won’t keep coming if the classes grow stale.

Personal Sessions


  • Excellent revenue generators, typically $50 to $100 per session.
  • Require less equipment and space.
  • Some members prefer the individual attention and will to pay for it.
  • Ideal for members who have special needs.

Keep in mind

  • The cost of personal sessions may be a barrier to entry for many of your members.
  • An appropriate mind-body atmosphere without distractions is crucial in a one-on-one session. That can be hard to create in a busy club setting.

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