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Pilates for Fitness Facilities

Getting Started

You’ve seen the incredible success that so many fitness facilities are having with their Pilates programs and you’d like to start one at yours.

Now what? Do you start with mat classes and then progress to equipment-based sessions? Do you offer group classes or personal training sessions? Do you have enough space? There’s a lot to think about.

Fortunately we’ve already done most of the thinking for you.

For over 30 years we have collaborated with the world’s leading Pilates professionals and fitness facilities to develop innovative programs and equipment. We’ve got the tools, information and equipment to help you get started quickly and efficiently.

Planning Tools

Space Planner

Not sure how much equipment to buy or if it will fit? This handy-dandy mix and match tool can help.

ROI Calculator

How long will it take for my program to get profitable? How many classes will I need to run per week to help make that happen? Find out here.

Job Board

Looking for instructors? Need some? Here you can scan our job board for qualified instructors or post an employment notice of your own.

Suggested Articles

Marketing tips, finding and training instructors, and much more...

Suggested Equipment

We have a wide variety of equipment that will provide your facility with some fantastic revenue-based programming options.


From instructor tips to new programming ideas to equipment maintenance – our podcast series has something informative for everyone.

Instructor Training

Your teachers are the lifeblood of your program. Give them the best training they can get- right at your own facility.

Success Stories

See how these facilities have created profitable Pilates programs