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Pilates for Rehab

From implementing Pilates into your practice to how it can help with a variety of ailments…

Getting Started

Implementing Pilates into your business

Rehab: A Different Kind of Pilates

When compared to other common forms of rehabilitation (Pilates) has been equal if not superior in physical, psychological and disability measures. (So) what is Pilates for rehabilitation? Read More »

Pilates Power

To learn the rudiments of adding Pilates to a private practice, Physical Therapy Products decided to go right to the source and talk to someone who has successfully done it. Read More »

Implementing Pilates Into My Practice

After feeling the dramatic and effective influence Pilates training had on my body and its limitations, I was eager to incorporate this method and equipment into my practice as a physical therapist. Read More »

Introduction to Pilates-Based Rehabilitation

It was found that reintroducing movement with nondestructive forces early in the rehabilitation process hastened the healing process… Read More »


Many clinicians are finding lucrative returns with cash-based Pilates classes for individuals or groups. Read More »

Pilates In Action


Pilates’ Surprising Benefits

(Pilates) helps with both movement transitions and environment transitions, two of the biggest challenges that autistic children face… Read More »

Back and Spine

Twice Her Savior, Now Her Lifetime Project

I met Mary Ann Brown when she came to me as a patient in physical therapy four years ago. She had been suffering from sacroiliac pain following a work-related accident… Read More »

Subgrouping Patients with Low Back Pain:

Recent research… does show that if patients with LBP are placed in subgroups based on a cluster of signs and symptoms, one treatment does demonstrate greater efficacy over others. Read More »

Pilates and the Spinal Cord Compromised Client

When used in a rehabilitative capacity, Pilates is an excellent choice of exercise for those individuals with a neurological impairment of the spine. Read More »


Cancer Survivors: Pilates and an Improved Quality of Life

Pilates exercise accompanying treatment for cancer is steadily gaining acceptance in the fitness community. Safe and supportive programs are improving the quality of life for survivors… Read More »

Pilates and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is currently the most widely diagnosed cancer in women in both the United States and Europe. This sobering fact impacts us all… Read More »

Smooth and Easy: Pilates can be a beneficial component of an approach to cancer rehab.

Back in 1955, first generation Pilates protégé Eve Gentry was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. …when she showed Joseph Pilates, the method's creator, her lack of arm elevation following treatment, he simply said, “Don't worry, we fix.” Read More »


Pilates for Fibromyalgia

While the cause and etiology of FMS is unknown, the disease affects 6-12 million people in the United States ….Pilates, based on its principles, can be very helpful in treating this population. Read More »

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Pilates and Knee Injuries

Movements in the Pilates repertoire done on the equipment are very useful in the course of rehabilitation for the knee in assessment and treatment of the injury. Read More »

Neuromuscular Disorders

Little Movers: Pilates for Children with Neuromuscular Disorders

Pilates has also become an effective mode of therapy for children with neuromuscular disorders. As a pediatric physical therapist with a background in neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT), I began to incorporate Pilates into my practice… Read More »

Parkinson’s Disease

Pilates for People with Parkinson’s Disease

Since there is the obvious “mindbody” connection governing the symptoms of PD, the comprehensive Pilates method can offer the optimal environment to maintain neuromuscular movement potential. Read More »

Older Adults

An Ideal Fit Rehab Management

“Pilates is great for (Baby Boomers) because it's gentle on the joints, it's slow, and it's very focused on biomechanical alignment,” says Betz. Read More »


Pilates for Triathletes

The triathlete places a wide range of stresses on (the) body, demanding the utmost efficiency in motion. Pilates provides an opportunity to develop improved body awareness, functional strength and flexibility by focusing on the stabilizers in the torso, shoulders and hips. Read More »

Pilates for Rehabilitating Athletes

(Pilates) isn't just a critical component of an athlete's training program; it's one of the best forms of rehabilitation for an injured athlete… Read More »


Along with Certified PSIA Ski Instructor and clinician Dudley Improta, we began Skilates - a ski conditioning and injury prevention class using Pilates-based ski/snowboard specific exercises and apparatus. Read More »

Better Golf (and Fewer Injuries)

As Pilates instructors, we possess a unique set of tools that can help golfers decrease their chances of injury and improve sports performance… Read More »


Pilates for the Stroke Patient

I have found Pilates to be extremely powerful when incorporated into the rehabilitation program of stroke survivors. At Rehab Hospital of the Pacific, this is what we call Clinical Pilates. Read More »


Pilates Provides Effective Rehabilitation for Both Body and Mind

The success of Pilates as a fitness program is well chronicled… Now, many physical therapists are turning to Pilates as a primary method of rehabilitation with outstanding results. Read More »

The Pilates Reformer: The perfect tool for low impact resistance based therapy

Today’s Reformer provides an effective, low-impact resistance-based therapy that is friendly on the client’s joints. It consists of… Read More »

Pilates Equipment Primer

By picking movements and modifying the exercises, a therapist using equipment can make the initial therapy very supportive and assisted. …Equipment sessions can then be as easy or as challenging as desired, depending on the physical ability of each client. Read More »