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Rehabilitation Videos

Season 2

Episode 1

Working With Athletes After Knee Injury

Episode 2

Congruency in Rehab for the Shoulder

Season 1

Episode 1

Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Episode 2

Footwork for Pregnant Clients

Episode 3

Balancing the Muscle Around the Hip

Episode 4

Working with the Hip

Episode 5

Thoracic Rotation for Pregnancy

Episode 6

Exercises for the Shoulder

Episode 7

Specific Manipulation and Mobilization Techniques

Episode 8

Working the Extremities in Tandem

Episode 9

Using Pilates to Combat Layer Syndrome

Episode 10

Mental Illness & Chronic Pain

Episode 11

Mobilize the Thoracic Spine During

Episode 12

Side Split Variations

Episode 13

Working with Amputees in Pilates

Episode 14

Thoracic Mobility & Breathing for Pregnancy

Episode 15

Working On Posture

Episode 16

Advanced Hanging Trapeze Work

Episode 17

Rehab Lower Extremities

Episode 18

Muscles that Balance the Hip

Episode 19

Modifications for Supine Work

Episode 20

Pelvic Stability

Episode 21

Working the Plantar Flexor Muscle

Episode 22

Exercises for Scoliosis

Episode 23

Thoracic Mobility & Breathing for Pregnancy

Episode 24

Working the Plantar Flexor Muscle

Episode 25

Working with Dancers Feet

Episode 26

Integrating Upper & Lower Body

Episode 27

Working on Gait

Episode 28

Acute Limb Work

Episode 29

Scapular Adduction for Pregnancy

Episode 30

Level Pelvis in Standing Work

Episode 31

Working with Dancers Turnout

Episode 32

Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy

Episode 33

Correcting Trendelenburg Gait

Episode 34

Improving Thoracic Rotation for Sports

Episode 35

Ped-O-Pull for Posture & Shoulders

Episode 36

Working With Upper Cross Syndrome

Episode 37

Musicians and Pilates

Episode 38

Progress to a Push Up

Episode 39

Advanced Balance Work