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ROI Tool

How quickly can you expect a return on your investment in Pilates equipment and training? Our ROI (return on investment) calculator takes the guesswork out of planning a profitable Pilates program.

Use this tool to test how your program results might vary depending on:

  • Your rates for group classes or personal training sessions
  • How many participants you have
  • Your investment in equipment and/or training
  • Other administrative expenses

If you would like assistance using the calculator, or have special needs that aren't addressed here, please email or call us.

Program Profile
Hourly Charge
Per Person
Getting Started
Personal Training
Semi-private Training
Group Training
Personal training
revenues per week
Semi-private Training
revenues per week
Group Training
revenues per week
Annualized Revenues
Personal Training revenues 50    
Semi-private Training revenues 50    
Group Training participants revenues 50    
Total Annual Revenue      
Annual Expenses      
Instructor commissions %    
Instructor Training  
Cost of space (dedicated)  
Admin as percent of total revenue(marketing, maintenance, insurance) %    
Total Expenses      
Net Revenue Per Year      
Net Revenue Per Day      
Equipment Investment* Retail Quantity Cost
Allegro Reformers 2395  
Studio Reformers 3545  
Allegro 2 Reformers 2995  
Trapeze Table 3895  
Combo Chair 1445  
EXO® Chair 945  
Ladder Barrel 1675  
CoreAlign® with Standard Ladder 2870  
Other Equipment  
Misc. (mats, sitting boxes, rings, rollers)  
Total equipment investment      
    Getting Started Goal
Working Days to Recapture Investment      
Annualized net income calculation      

*Stock equipment. For a more customized ROI model, please contact us.