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Group Allegro 2 workout

Pilates Studios

Helping your Pilates studio succeed

As the popularity of Pilates continues to soar, Pilates studios and studio owners have an excellent opportunity to capture new business from a growing market.

Balanced Body® can help. Besides being the world's most experienced and respected manufacturer of Pilates equipment, we are also a partner and a resource to studios all over the world.

Whether you’re planning to launch a studio, or already established and ready to expand, Balanced Body can help you with:

  • Business planning
  • Programming
  • Instructor education
  • Studio layout
  • Marketing
  • Return on investment models

We also offer a leasing program to help you start or expand your business. And our Studio Finder can refer potential clients directly to your door.

Have questions on how Balanced Body can help grow your studio? Have a look at some of the products we recommend for our studio clients. We also welcome your call at 1-800-PILATES, or your email. We’d love to hear from you!