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Around the world, our Pilates community overflows with beautiful spaces created for clients, and inspiring success stories about bringing Pilates programs to life. Balanced Body® is delighted to share the best with you.

We are proud to announce our 2008 Grand Prize winners in our Share Your Space and Share Your Story contests. Winners receive a $1,000 USD gift certificate from Balanced Body.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks for sharing!
Our contest is closed.

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Pilates Spaces

Grand Prize Winner: Creative Design

Agility Studio
Carlsbad, California
Agility Studio started as a small, empty space adjacent to a bookstore and blossomed into a 1000 sq. foot space, overtaking the retail space formerly occupied by the bookstore. But with a remodel which included re-wiring, re-painting, and re-decorating, owner Rana Kennedy created an amazing and creatively designed space! Using earth tones and natural materials, such as wood and bamboo, she created a soothing, serene environment where people enjoy working and working out. She also added water elements, candles, and wall art to complete the zen vibe of the studio’s interior. Instead of building walls, Rana creatively hung curtains and laid area rugs to segment areas of her studio, which include a main room for five Reformer/Towers, a Reformer/Trapeze Combination™ in its own space; a Spin room where a chair, a barrel and an IQ® Reformer reside; plus a mat room; and a retail/reception area. A fresh coat of exterior paint, a garden in the courtyard, and the addition of a porch swing made the studio into a sanctuary of tranquility.

Grand Prize Winner: Small Space

Bloom Bodyworks
Santa Barbara, California
In this example of just how creative one can become in a home studio, a space both soothing and stimulating has been created. Using the palette of the rainbow as inspiration, Bloom Bodyworks owner, Megwyn White, has decorated the 13.5' x 17' room with bright colors, including a yellow couch, which doubles as a mat, to represent the sun on the horizon. A stained–glass copper water element produces a calming, meditative feel. But if bright colors aren’t your thing, she can easily dim the lights, creating a more serene and meditative environment for sessions. How she fits in six pieces of equipment, which include a Reformer/Trapeze Combo, Avalon® Arm Chair, Wunda Chair, Ped-O-Pull, Step Barrel, Baby Arc, a Ken Endelman crafted arm chair, various props, plus a desk space and other decorative features, is just one of Megwyn’s many talents!

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Success Stories

Grand Prize Winner: Innovate Programming

From a Living Room to 5,000 Square Feet in Three Years
In early 2005 my friend and I quit our jobs as engineers to start a Pilates studio in a city called Santiago de los Caballeros. At the time, the Santiago had not yet been introduced to Pilates, except for eight clients we were teaching in the living room of a house.

The weekend before the studio’s opening day in February 2005, we travelled to Orlando, FL, where we purchased about 20 Pilates on Tour® mats and an Allegro® with Tower. We placed the Allegro onto a cart borrowed from the Balanced Body folks and lugged it by foot from the Hilton Hotel, across a busy highway, to our hotel. The Allegro, of course, did not fit into the elevator, so we heaved it up the stairwell to the 3rd floor. We later called a transportation service to ship it to Santiago. The 20 mats we carried onto the plane as luggage.

We opened our studio the following morning with only 900 square feet and our eight faithful clients. They told their friends, and we grew. The following year we purchased more equipment from Balanced Body: a Cadillac, step barrel, ladder barrel and Wunda chair. Within months we doubled our space to 1,800 square feet.

In 2007 we designed the “Pilates Circuit” which helped to attract clients. We accredit its success to the quality equipment, as well as our unique circuit layout modelled after the “Just-in-Time” industrial operational method. We borrowed this design, which offers a controlled and standardized environment, from the manufacturing plants where we worked as engineers. The Pilates Circuit includes 5 Allegros with Tower, 5 Wunda chairs, 5 rings, 5 exercise balls, 5 small balls, 5 mats - an ergonomic layout and a well structured class.

Presently the studio offers weekly: 45 group equipment classes (5 clients/hour), and 8 Pilates mat classes, in addition to rowing, cycling, and martial arts for kids. A special population group of 27 seniors between the ages of 50 and 79 are attending the “Pilates Silver” class. In just three years, the studio has grown to 5,000 square feet with over 250 members. Now, everybody knows Pilates in the Dominican Republic!

Exercise Center
Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic


Grand Prize Winner: Launch/Expansion Success

30-Day Pilates Jump Start Program
I started the 30-day Pilates Jump Start Program two years ago to encourage people previously not committed to exercise. The program includes Pilates, aerobic activity, tracking, and food journaling, with a 30-day commitment. To help ensure the client is motivated to finish the program, participants pre-pay for sessions and classes. On day one, a master Pilates trainer measures height, weight and girth. Using an align-a-body wall chart, anterior, posterior and lateral digital pictures are also taken. We also record the results of 4 flexibility tests, 3 strength tests and 2 balance tests, and measure waist-to-hip ratio and BMI. A pedometer is given to the participant with instructions to take a minimum amount of steps. They also receive an activity/food journal to keep.

During the first week, the client takes 3 private sessions with an Apprentice trainer who will teach Pilates basic principles along with Reformer/Tower exercises. Weeks two through four consist of 2 group Equipment Classes and 1 Mat class for a total of 12 hours. Update sessions are done each visit.

We also offer a Cardio Add-on for participants who want to concentrate on weight loss. For an additional fee, he or she can take an unlimited number of Indoor Cycle classes. These classes are heart-rate monitor-based, which helps motivate and educate the participant to stay within their aerobic zone. All participants who choose the Cardio Add-on have lost at least 5 pounds. One client lost 30 pounds!

At the end of 30 days is the second assessment. Everyone is so excited to see the positive changes achieved by their hard work. We photograph, re-measure and retest the participant. Several clients have achieved phenomenal results. Three out of 4 continue to buy Equipment and Mat Class packages after their program ends.

Many of our participants have been mother/daughter or husband/wife teams. It is fun for them to engage in healthy activities as a family. People see changes in areas other than just strength and flexibility - attitudes, personalities, and confidence in their abilities get restored.

Potential participants find out about our 30-day program via internet searching, our website or reading our ad in the local city magazine. Of course, past participants tell their friends and we have had a lot of referral business.

Mindful Movement
Indianapolis, IN |

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