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Pilates equipment for your Studio

Our clients confirm that the products below are some of our most popular Pilates studio equipment. We also welcome you to visit our full online store, or to call or email us for personal assistance.

Studio Reformer®

Our flagship studio product, still evolving since we first re-engineered Joseph Pilates’ original design in 1976, and the standard against which other Pilates reformers are measured. Now expandable with a Tower that retrofits all our wood-frame Reformers.

Pilates Allegro® System

No other equipment offers as much flexibility. Rolls, stacks and stores on end. Expands with the Tower of Power™ to be a reformer, half-trapeze and a mat, all in one compact footprint. Comes with free video or DVD.

Trapeze Table ( Cadillac )

An extraordinarily versatile piece of equipment, and 3” wider than traditional trap tables. Comes fully equipped, with additional accessories also available.

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Wunda Chair

Our re-designed Wunda Chair System is easy to use, with handles and high back to add when you’re ready. Group chair classes are gaining in popularity.

Combo Chair

Evolved from the Wunda Chair, the Combo Chair’s split step greatly increases its versatility, and it can be used on combination with other apparatus. Wheels make it easy to move when not in use. Group chair classes are gaining in popularity.

Ladder Barrel

Excellent for strength and flexibility workouts, and adjustable for clients of varying heights.

Step Barrel

This small piece of equipment (also known as a Spine Corrector) is quite versatile, both on its own and in combination with other apparatus. Great new programming is available for group classes, and our Clara Barrels stack conveniently when not in use.


For all our accessories listed here, you’ll also find Pilates workout videos and DVDs and books that help you expand your exercise repertoire.