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Pilates Balls


Burst-Resistant Fitness Balls

Fitness Balls are used for both conditioning and rehabilitation, adding balance challenges, support and playfulness to your workout or therapy session.

These are the best burst-resistant balls available. However, for safety reasons do not use inflatable balls in combination with any other exercise equipment.

Inflates with pump (included). Sizes: 55cm (Red and Storm Gray), 65cm (Purple) and 75cm (Blue).

Size Part # Price  

What size Fitness Ball is right for you?
Fitness Ball size is determined by height. When seated on the ball, hips and knees should be parallel to the floor (or hips slightly higher - never lower - than knees). You might need a larger ball if your legs are proportionally long for your height. If in doubt, buy the larger ball and, if necessary, adjust the diameter by inflating it to less than maximum size.

Your Height Ball Size (max. height/diameter)
4'8" to 5'3" 55cm (21 in.)
5'3" to 6'0" 65cm (25 in.)
6'0" to 6'7" 75cm (29 in.)

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