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Pilates Loops, Handles, Velcro Cuffs & Fuzzies

Balanced Body® has a range of Pilates loops and handles for Reformers, Trapeze Tables, and Wall Towers. We offer our padded loops and foot straps, as well as regular cotton webbing. All are washable in cold water.
Tri Loops

Third strap for support.

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Multifunctional Straps

Add abduction challenges.

Multifunctional Straps

Hold the foot securely for Reformer & Trapeze work.

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Double Loops

Two loops in one.

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Triple D-Ring Cotton Loops

2-in-1 extender eliminates the need for traditional extensions.

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Double D-Ring Loops

Double D-Ring Loops, padded and unpadded.

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Single Loops

Single Loops for foot & arm work. Several options.

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See all our handles.

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Adjustable Velcro Thigh & Ankle Cuffs

For use with all strap work.

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Cotton Webs for Fuzzies

Short & Long Cotton Webs for Fuzzies.

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Fuzzies fit over Single D-Ring cotton loops

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