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Pilates Loops, Handles, Velcro Cuffs & Fuzzies


Multifunctional Straps

Enhanced hip stability, decreased symptoms of elbow tendinitis, and improved shoulder girdle strength are just a few benefits your clients will gain with the Multifunctional Straps.

Developed in collaboration with Gordon Hart, PMA-CPT and Christopher White, DPT, this unique system adds abduction challenges to arm and leg exercises, developing the deepest level of joint stability and control. Perfect for the rehab client and the elite athlete.

Modified loops or handles quickly and easily attach to Reformer ropes or Trapeze Table springs. Just clip them on and you’re ready to go! Your clients will immediately feel the difference.

Use with almost any leg or arm exercise where straps are used. Allows arms or legs to open to approximately the width of the Reformer.

The Multifunctional Straps includes two cotton loops, two polypro handles with Neoprene® and two resistance cords with ball anchors (one heavy and one light).

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