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SmartSpine Products

Bring new life to your teaching with these safe and easy-to-use tools – or enjoy relaxing benefits at home. The SmartSpine eases the biomechanical challenges of the spine during core exercises, while simplifying cueing techniques. They also deliver immediate sensory and proprioceptive awareness, with increased mind/body focus. Created by Marie-Jose Blom, the SmartSpine can be used with any piece of Pilates equipment to enhance spinal alignment, or wrapped around the leg or shoulders for relaxation.

The SmartSpine System emphasizes optimal well-being through a mobile spine. Warm products in the microwave for a relaxing, muscle-releasing experience, or cool for a post-workout cold wrap. Products are 100% natural, unbleached cotton, gently infused with organic lavender.

SmartSpine - Professional Kit

The SmartSpine Professional Kit includes the SmartSpine plus additional accessories: two sacral wedges, cervical disk, two multi-functional Arch Tubbies, a Globe (to increase difficulty in various movements), microwave sleeve, and carrying strap.


If all you want is the SmartSpine, this is for you. Use it in your car or at the office for a SmartSpine session wherever you are!

SmartSpine - Sacral Wedge (single)

The SmartSpine Sacral Wedge is placed at the sacrum to assist in lower back flexibility. Or, use it on the chest to enhance breathing exercises.

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