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Balance, Cushions, Positioning

Tools from Balanced Body that provide balance challenges and functional training with unstable surfaces.

Small, versatile positioning tool.

Activ-Wedge product photo
Sissel® Step-Fit® Mat

Stimulate circulation, massage the feet.

Sissel Step Fit Mat product thumbnail
Sissel® Balance Board

Improve balance and more!

Sissel Balance Board product thumbnail

Add fun and challenge to workouts.

BOSU Pro product thumbnail
Balance Pad

Durable foam, with smooth, easy to clean surface.

Balance Pad product thumbnail
Soft Spike Balance Pod

Great tool for balancing and motor skill development.

Soft Spike Balance Pod product thumbnail
Balance Cushion

Two-sided inflatable cushion works your core muscles.

Balance Cushion product thumbnail
Balance Boards

Features a half-sphere base adjustable to three heights.

Balance Boards product thumbnail
Non-skid Pad

Available in light grey, aqua green, blue, or black.

Non-skid Pad product thumbnail
Large Foam Wedge

Versatile positioning tool.

Large Foam Wedge product thumbnail
Moon Box Lite

A lighter Moon Box

Moon Box Lite product thumbnail

Support your client on a gentle incline, on floor or apparatus.

Wedge product thumbnail
Inflatable Wedge

Great for balance training and rehabilitation.

Inflatable Wedge product thumbnail
Foam Wedge

Ease wrist discomfort or create a balance challenge.

Foam Wedge product thumbnail
Foam Block

Soft, smooth surface but rigid enough for support.

Foam Block product thumbnail
Large Oval Cushion

Clients with tight hamstrings can sit in correct alighment.

Large Oval Cushion product thumbnail
Half Cylinder Cushions

For positioning the head in supine on Mat, Reformer or Cadillac.

Half Cylinder Cushions product thumbnail
Black Vinyl Cushions

Support and position the body for optimum alignment & comfort.

Black Vinyl Cushions product thumbnail

Back by popular demand the original C-Shaper!

C-Shaper product thumbnail
Detached Moon Box

Can be used with Wall Towers, Reformers and Chairs.

Detached Moon Box product thumbnail