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Rollers & Release

The Pilates foam roller is easy to use and extraordinarily effective to activate deep core muscles, improve balance and posture, and strengthen extremities. It is also magical for myofascial release and self-massage. Balanced Body offers a variety, so you can find the size and firmness you need.
Roller Poster

Features ten popular exercises, including variations.

Duet™ Roller Accessory Kit

Use with 2 rollers for support, feedback, and stability challenges.

Duet thumbnail
Sissel® Roller Head Align

Elevates head while on a roller or mat.

Sissel Roller Head Align product thumbnail
Sissel® Roller Storage Center

Store up to 5 rollers.

Sissel Roller Storage Center product thumbnail
Softie Roller

Our softest premium roller.

Softie Roller product thumbnail

So much more than a roller!

MOTR product thumbnail
Magic Roller®

Our premium Magic Roller in studio-friendly gray neutrals.

Magic Roller product thumbnail
Foam Roller, Firm

Economical, 4" or 6" diameter, full or half-round.

Foam Roller, Firm product thumbnail
Foam Roller, Extra Firm

Our firmest rollers, in 36" and 40" lengths.

Foam Roller, Extra Firm product thumbnail
Short Blue Roller

Made of soft EVA foam, but rigid enough for support.

Short Blue Roller product thumbnail
Roller Podcasts

See the Foam Roller in action with these videos!

Roller Podcasts product thumbnail
Portable Roller Massager

Handles retract for compact travel size.

Portable Roller Massager product thumbnail

Release spots that rollers can’t reach.

KnotOut product thumbnail
SmartSpine Products

Ease the biomechanical challenges of the spine.

SmartSpine Products thumbnail
“Pinky” Ball, 2.5" (7cm)

An intense massage for stubborn spots.

Pinky Ball product thumbnail
Soft-Spike Massage Balls

For massaging tight or tender spots.

Soft-spike massage balls product thumbnail
Posture Balls

An excellent tool to release muscle tension.

Posture Balls thumbnail photo

An innovative self-massage tool to help with stubborn spots.

MyoTool product thumbnail
The Stick

Mechanically compresses and stretch muscles.

The Stick product thumbnail
Yoga Strap

Yoga straps are used to support the body while stretching.

Yoga Strap product thumbnail