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Rotator Discs

What’s a Rotator Disc? Imagine an Oreo® cookie with ball bearings in the middle, and you've got the idea. Rotator Discs provide a low-friction surface to aid in educating the hip rotators.
Precision Rotator Disc

Multiple sizes and resistances, to educate hip flexors and more.

Precision Rotator Discs product thumbnail
Traditional Rotator Disc

No resistance, wood with non-skid surface.

Rotator Discs product thumbnail
Detachable Rotator Discs

Position virtually anywhere on the Jumpboard. 3 resistances.

Detachable Rotator Disc product thumbnail
Rotator Disc Pad

Non-slip pads perfectly cover rotator discs.

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BAC Disc Set

BAC: Biomechanical Asymmetry Corrector (of Motion)

BAC Disc Set product thumbnail