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Pilates Rollers


Foam Roller, Firm

Our most economical rollers are improved for longer-lasting wear, and available in half-round or full-round.

Note that our 6" (13cm) diameter roller is 38" (97cm) long. That extra length is great for those with longer torsos!

Full-round: Firm, 6" x 38" (13cm x 97cm)
Half-round: Firm, 6" x 36" (13cm x 91cm)
Full-round: Soft, 4" x 36" (10cm x 91cm) - our original softest material!

Looking for a different firmness level? For an extra-firm roller, try our Black Roller. Or for medium firmness, see our premium Magic Roller®. Want even softer - our premium Softie Roller is for you!

Color Size Part # Price  
Foam Rollers

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