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Springs & Resistance

Balanced Body Signature Springs™ are the best available for strength, resilience and durability. And unlike others, they are designed specifically for Pilates equipment.
All About Our Springs

Balanced Body Signature Springs™, unlike others.

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Reformer Springs

Designed specifically for Pilates equipment.

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Trapeze Springs

Standard trapeze springs.

Trapeze Springs product thumbnail
Trapeze Long Springs

Long trapeze springs.

Trapeze Long Springs product thumbnail
Trapeze Bar Springs

Trapeze bar springs are 25" (64cm) with snaps.

Trapeze Bar Springs product thumbnail
Chair Spring

For Chairs with Hourglass or Cactus spring mounts.

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Wall Springs

Springs for your Wall Tower or Springboard.

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Spring Collars

Make Reformer spring changes easier than ever.

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Slastix™ Resistance Bands

Improved comfort, durability and safety.

Slastix Resistance Bands product thumbnail
Replacement Band Kit

Replacement resistance bands for your CoreAlign.

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Resistance Kits

Double your repertoire on the EXO Chair!

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